Sunday Materials
May 24, 2020
Prayer Week 1
Prayer Week 2
From United714
From OSL - Jerry Dirmann
Scriptural Prayer of Protection
Scriptural Prayer for Healing
Prayer Week 3
Prayer Week 4
Scriptural Prayer for Provision
God's Antidote to Trauma
COVID-19 - Not Adding Up
Prayer Week 5
Prayer Week 6
Bible Reading Plan - Genesis
We will be starting our second book in the
reading plan on
May 4th. The book is
Beginnings" and covers Genesis through
Deuteronomy. You may purchase the
"Immerse: The Reading Bible -
" on line or by contacting our
office and requesting a copy.  
Prayer Week 7
Prayer Week 8
Prayer Week 9 - May 18-24
Prayer Week 10 - May 25-31
Sunday May 24